Storage Tank

Storage Tanks

Tanks upto 100 KL capacity in Cylindrical/Rectangular, Vertical/Horizontal shapes are manufactured at our plant, which can be mounted on concrete or metal saddles. We recommend for Cylindrical Tanks, which mount vertically on Concrete Base with flat bottom and conical top. Bulk storage at minimum floor space is the advantage of these tanks. Horizontal Tanks suits well for height restriction areas.

Reaction Vessels

Reaction Vessels along with Agitators are manufactured in cylindrical shape with vertical mounting facility. Tops are open with flat/conical lids and bottoms are flat/conical shapes. Vessels are supplied with complete assembly along with Agitator, Stuffing Box, Gear Box and Motor with Base Frame. Cooling coil arrangement will also be provided as per the customer’s requirements.

Storage Tank

Vacuum Receivers, Traps & Pressure Vessels

We are specialized in manufacturing High Vacuum application vessels. These vessels are designed to with stand high vacuums. Our high vacuum vessels are made with the best materials possible, these vessels can operate in even the most taxing of environments. The vessels are designed to maintain a high or ultra high vacuum environment that will assist you in getting your job done properly. Made from top quality materials, all of our vacuum vessels offer a number of features that ensure safety and efficiency at all times.

Nutsche Filters & Leaf Filters

Our Nutsche Filters can handle a variety of flow rates and solids loading that can be discharged in dry or slurried form. These are designed to take full vacuum loads during the process.

These are ideal for lab, pilot or batch applications. Our Leaf Filters provides you excellent working environments because of its fully closed structure. The closed and compact operation of Leaf Filters avoids spillage during the filtration process.